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Alarm Response & Response to Call

Griffin Security has alarm response vehicles 24 hours and 7 days a week.  This allows us to respond quickly and safely to an alarm at your business.  Alarm response vehicles are equipped with a strong box to protect your keys and codes at all times. With Alarm responses, we also provide door checks and detailed incident reports.

Response to Call was designed by Griffin Security and is a new means of conducting security operations.  There is no monthly fee therefore you only pay for the services you use.  This keeps costs low, while at the same time providing you with security as needed.  You can call Griffin Security 24/7 and one of our mobile patrol vehicles will be dispatched to your location.  We invite you or your staff to call at any time day or night, for any of the following:


Safe Walk (escorting staff to and from vehicles)

Transitions to Banks for Cash Drops

Suspected Criminal Activity


Found Sharps (used needles)

Remove Unwanted Persons

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