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Mobile Patrol

For larger sites, we can provide mobile patrols on bikes or vehicles.  This allows our Security Professionals to patrol your site at a much faster pace therefore covering more ground.  Our Security Professionals on bikes wear helmets and hi-vis vests, our patrol bikes are equipped with headlights and red strobe lights.  Similarly, our vehicles are fully marked with the Griffin Security logos, phone number and are equipped with flashing amber lights.  Both are designed to create a highly visible patrol causing the undesirables to seek other locations rather than risk being taken into custody by Griffin Security Professionals.


In addition to full-time mobile patrols of your business, Griffin Security offers random patrols and building inspections.  Rather than schedule the patrols, keeping them random prevents the criminal element from learning the patrol pattern and simply choosing a time when the patrol vehicle is not present.  When conducting a random patrol of your site our Security Professional will conduct a complete exterior inspection of all entry points ensuring the integrity of your building/business.  All patrols are documented on our patrol logs for your review.

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